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So Posh

Posted: 03.11.2019 12:05

Dear owners of dogs, both show and just pets.

We are pleased to announce that now in our salon you can buy So Posh hair care products. This is a high-quality cosmetics for different types of hair, developed in Estonia by a breeder of Shih Tzu and Maltese, and who knows from their own experience the importance of using natural ingredients to care for dog hair. Also, shampoos and balms of this series are now used in the daily work of the salon, so that your pet looks and feels great!

This series has 3 main lines:

1. I`m so Silky Shampoo – Deeply moisturizing super sleek shampoo for a drop coat (yorkshire terjer, silky, maltese, shi-tzu). Gives a heavy, smooth, antistatic result. The rich, gentle and deep cleansing Silk Shampoo nouriches and hydrates te coat. Contains rapeseed and coconut oils, silk protein, vitamin E.
I`m so Silky Rinse off Conditioner – super sleek smoothing conditioner for drop coats. Gives a heavy, smooth, antistatic result. Formulated especially for show days. Gives extreme shine and leaves coat easy to comb. Contains argan oil, citric acid and vitamin A.
I`m so Silky Leave-on Conditioner - super moisturizing conditioner for drop coats for maintenance grooming. Gives s tangle-free , smooth, antistatic coat between the shows. Contains silk proteins which penetrates the skin, to the hair cuticle leaving the coat easy to comb. Leave-on conditioner is the ideal to mix with So Posh Coat Oil. Contains argan oil, glycerin, vitamin A.

2. I`m so Fantastic Shampoo – deeply moisturizing shampoo for all coat types. The shampoo is rich in vitamins, is gentle and deep cleansing. Nourishes and hydrates the coat. Keratin and collagen work together to increase coat strength and thickness for a beautiful shine. Removes all build-ups on coat. Contains coconut and rapeseed oils, hydro-marine collagen, bio-keratin and vitamin E.
I`m so Fantastic Moisture Extreme Conditioner – deeply nourishing conditioner for all coat types, that detangles the coat and makes it easier to manage. Gives a heavy, smooth ad antistatic result. The conditioner is rich I vitamins, collagen and keratin work together to increase coat strength and thickness for a beautiful shine. Contains glycerin, argan oil, citric acid, vitamin A.

3. I`m so Puffy ExtremeVolume Shampoo – well, you need volume to the coat? This shampoo gives massive volume to a coat in need of a boost. The shampoo is deep cleansing and is rich in vitamins and film-formers to build body and texture and to prepare the coat for the show. Shampoo works best as the first phase. Contains coconut and rapeseed oils, sea salt, vitamin E. So for extra WOW-effect use Puffy Conditioner on top. At the same time, Puffy Shampoo is very usefull for dogs with itching and flakey skin. This shampoo has very good anti-dandruff properties and helps prevent flakes on your dogs coat.
I`m so Puffy Extreme Volume Conditioner – Giving massive volume to coat in need of a boost for show day. Rich in vitamins and leaves the coat super conditioned. Use after shampooing with Puffy shampoo and rinse out or leave a little in the coat for a stronger result. Contains glycerin, silk protein, sea salt, sunflover seed oil, citric acid, vitamin A.

And of course, like a cherry on a cake - a 2-phase So Posh Tangle Free spray for combing tangles. Shake, spray directly onto a dry or damp curl, leave for a couple of minutes - and combing will go easily and quickly. The active components of the spray penetrate the structure of the hair, close its scales, which minimizes the loss of hair when combing the tang. Particularly suitable for dogs with soft and thin hair, as well as for show dogs.

All So Posh cosmetics are hypoallergenic, do not contain dyes, parabens, silicones. The pH level is balanced, 300 ml bottles are available for home use.